Who we are

At the Yemeni Corner Office, we provide all the paralegal services required by individuals residing in the USA or those looking to immigrate here. Our team is highly proficient in Arabic, English, and French, enabling seamless communication with our clients. The Yemeni Corner Office collaborates with a group of lawyers specializing in various fields, including immigration, business, and real estate. We offer a range of services tailored to small businesses in New York City and across other states, directly contributing to their growth and success. Our approach is characterized by integrity, professionalism, respect, and a commitment to honesty that goes beyond mere material benefits.

Our history

The Yemeni Corner Office, founded by Mr. Sadik Kaid (please refer to the bio), initially provided services such as translation starting in 1993. Mr. Kaid continued to provide services in immigration field and other services, moved to other states and finally landed in NYC in 2008 to establish His current business Yemenicornerstore at 8705 113 St, Richmond Hill, Queens, New York 11418.